From "waiting to come" to "knock on the door actively", Longyou Public Security's "Corporate Service Day" solves problems in corporate services

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On March 2, at Longyou Xurong Paper Co., Ltd., safety administrator Chen Lifeng solemnly transferred two bottles of sulfuric acid to Xiaonanhai Middle School in Longyou County. This handover not only eliminated the company's difficulty in storing and storing sulfuric acid, but also solved the school's teaching needs for experimental sulfuric acid. What contributed to this good deed was the bridging and proactive actions of Longyou Public Security.

Sulfuric acid, as a highly corrosive hazardous chemical, has potential safety hazards during long-term storage. At the same time, sulfuric acid is also a precursor chemical, and its purchase, use, storage, sale or transfer must be strictly controlled and filed. Xurong Paper Co., Ltd. purchased 1,000 ml of sulfuric acid for environmental testing in 2018. Since the remaining part has no subsequent use, it has been stored until now.


Can it change hands? How to transfer? To whom? These problems both plagued Chen Lifeng, and the two bottles of sulfuric acid became a stone in his heart.

After learning about the situation, the Xiaonanhai Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Longyou County took the initiative to provide door-to-door service, inform the company in detail of the sulfuric acid transfer process and required materials, and contact all enterprises and institutions in the jurisdiction to inquire about the use requirements. On the second day of school, I found the Xiaonanhai Middle School that was in need, and successfully completed the transfer process.

"Our school's scientific experiment classes need to use sulfuric acid. Because of the strict control of hazardous chemicals, we are very troublesome to buy." Lan Qilong, deputy secretary and vice principal of Xiaonanhai Middle School in Longyou County, said that he will definitely use these two. Bottles of sulfuric acid, let them play a role, can be worthy of the donation of Xurong Paper Co., Ltd. and the bridge and matchmaking of the Xiaohainan Police Station.


"By carrying out the'Corporate Service Day' activity, in the form of a grid, the police and the company can be paired, through regular visits to understand the situation, and take the initiative to provide door-to-door service to solve problems." Xiaonanhai Police Station Deputy Director Wang Meng introduced, "Corporate Service Day "This is an important measure taken by the Public Security Bureau of Longyou County to implement enterprise service measures in detail, and to deepen the work of "double recruitment and double citation". On June 8, 2020, the "Longyou County Public Security Bureau "Enterprise Service Day" Activity Implementation Plan" was released, and the "Enterprise Service Day" activity is scheduled to be carried out on the second Tuesday of each month. Police stations in all jurisdictions organized civilian police and auxiliary police to carry out "group-type, appointment-type, and order-type" services, changing from "waiting for door-to-door" to "knocking on the door actively", responding to corporate demands in a timely manner, and helping companies solve practical difficulties.

In 2020, Longyou Public Security launched 9 "Corporate Service Days" activities, issued a total of 518 service lists, collected 168 demand lists, resolved 48 enterprise-related disputes, and uncovered more than 40 cases of a series of sexual embezzlement of corporate assets. Recovered losses of more than 600,000 yuan, and helped solve more than 180 issues such as household registration, registration, employee compensation, and major safety hazards. The company's return visit satisfaction rate was 100%. volume_upcontent_copyshare