8 Longyou companies are listed on the New OTC Market, and there used to be "cram schools" behind them

Views: 60     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-18      Origin: Site

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On May 11th, Longyou County held a special training on "Opportunities and Challenges under Multi-level Capital Market Reform", aiming to further enhance the financial awareness and innovative ideas of government staff and entrepreneurs, and accelerate the promotion of listing and direct financing of enterprises , Promote the county's economic development. volume_upcontent_copyshare


At the scene, Longyou Xurong Paper Co., Ltd. and Shenwan Hongyuan Securities held a signing ceremony for the NEEQ listing, which marked a critical and substantial step forward for New Three Boards. At the same time, the county government awarded Longyou Xurong Paper Co., Ltd. a new three-board signing award of 300,000 yuan.


Listed companies are a concrete manifestation of a region's comprehensive economic strength and an important yardstick for measuring the quality and level of local development. Promoting the listing of companies can not only effectively solve the problem of corporate financing, but also an important means to promote corporate system innovation, management innovation and technological innovation, and foster and grow leading enterprises. It is an effective way to accelerate economic restructuring and economic transformation and upgrading.

The Longyou County Party Committee and Government has always attached great importance to the listing of enterprises. Last year, Hechuan Technology and Hengsheng Energy reported to the Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau for guidance and filing. Hechuan Technology became the first company in the city to start the sci-tech innovation board listing guidance work; Hengsheng Energy directly targeted the main board for listing, and plans to be listed at the end of June this year. Finish the report before. At present, there are 8 enterprises listed on the NEEQ in the county, ranking first in the city in terms of number (32 companies in the city). In 2019, all the eight companies listed on the New OTC Market achieved substantial growth, of which the total turnover reached 2.59 billion yuan, the total net profit was 210 million yuan, and the total tax payment was 98.562 million yuan. With the strong support of the capital market, listed companies are growing into the mainstay of the county's enterprises. volume_upcontent_copyshare


The epidemic this year has triggered a world-wide crisis, and the prospects of the world economy have been overshadowed. As the main body of the market economy, enterprises are facing severe pressure to survive, but they also ushered in a favorable opportunity for listing and development. The three experimental fields for the reform of the registration system of the board are advancing side by side, and the spring of the development of the domestic multi-level capital market is accelerating.


Subsequently, in order to better cope with this opportunity and challenge, Su Yan, Regional Director of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Issuance and Listing Service Center, gave a detailed introduction to the development status of the capital market with the theme of "China's Multi-level Capital Market and Listing in the Technology Edition". The opportunities and challenges faced by enterprises, as well as the conditions and procedures for listing in the technology version. Ren Junjie, Executive Director of Shenwan Hongyuan’s Underwriting and Sponsoring Business, conducted a comprehensive analysis on the deep reform of the business rules of the NEEQ selection layer. It is recommended that companies seize the current period of reform opportunities, combine their own development plans, and make use of new capital market-related policies. Transform into the advantages and dividends of enterprise development.